:: Specialties ::

Concept Art, Character Design, Illustration, Gallery Work


:: Skills ::

Markers, Pencils, Watercolor Paints, Acrylic Paint, Gouache, Ink

drawn by lex

:: Bio ::

Lex was born in Tustin, CA and grew up North Carolina and Germany before returning to southern California in her late 20's. Moving around the globe greatly influenced her creative side, and she took art classes at every opportunity starting as young as 9 years old.

Inspired by her years in medical school (before she quit the veterinary route), she has a certain affinity for capturing extreme versions of anatomy and loves hairless animals, horned beings, and grotesque, extreme beauty in alien forms. Lex makes a living as a freelance illustrator, gallery, and sketch artist and currently lives and works in the trendy Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

:: Information ::

I am available for:

freelance illustration / sketch art / character design


If you are a company or store interested in sales or freelance work, or a gallery interested in showing my work, shoot me an email at drawnbylex@gmail.com


More frequently updated work and works in progress may be viewed on my blog or instagram: @drawnbylex


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